Forklifts and Brick Cubes

Well today we finished moving some of the most heavy items to date.  We moved 4 brick cubes that each weigh 2,006 pounds.  In the process we rented a forklift.  The forklift was rented for over $300 for the day, and the bricks were transported from Ann Arbor to Berkley.  This was a new challenge for us.


As usual we specialize in heavy lifting.  We move pianos, pool tables, appliances and much more.  Give us a call today to get a free quote.  We have been busy with some other moves as well.  We moved a pool table last week, and we completed some small apartment moves.



A1 Moving is Busy as a Bee

We have been completing a great deal of work for a local appliance store in Lincoln Park Michigan over the past two weeks, and we are doing some small moves as well.  Yesterday Credit Card processing was approved, so we accept all major credit cards now.

Our services also include appliance installations.  We have pliers, plumbers tape (teflon), muscle, dollies, tools, and we can take care of your gas connections, electrical hookups, water hose hookups and much more.







Ended 2015 with a Boom

We ended 2015 with a large condo move.  We filled up our truck and trailer and 26 foot moving truck in about 4 hours.  We moved our customer from Walled Lake to Brighton Michigan.  It was a challenging move.  We did it all with 2 guys, a 26 foot moving truck, and a truck and trailer.  There were three flights of stairs, and the condo was packed full of furniture and goods.

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Wood piles and residential moves in November and December

We have been very busy in November and December .   This is the first chance I’ve had to make a new post .   So we have now added to our listed services woodpile cleanups .  Do you need a chainsaw, axe or handsaw?   Or do you need us to operate your skid loader ?   Or do you just need us to move your residential items including your couches refrigerators ovens washers dryers etc. ?   A1 moving and recycling will be there for you !   We’ve upgraded our pick up and turned it into a mini moving truck .   We plan to purchase a bigger moving truck as soon as possible however we can rent a bigger truck if you need it .   We can currently provide a very large sized trailer and mini size moving back up truck .   Call us up right now to set up a move date .  No move is too big or too small.


Ann Arbor Green Brier Apartments Move!

Well we just completed a third floor move on Saturday, and small appliance deliveries were scheduled as well.  We still have some nice fall weather time frames available.  We can do stairs!  In the Ann Arbor move, we moved boxes, beds, furniture & appliances down three flights of stairs, and into a ranch home in Ann Arbor.  The third floor apartment moves can take longer, so schedule us for more than two hours if you have a lot to move.  We offer 2 movers and a truck for $50 an hour!

Moving anyone can afford