We Started the 2017 Moving Season with a Bang and a Boom!

A1 Moving has been busier than bees; we’ve scheduled and moved over 26 customers in April, and over 36 customers in May! Our moves included pool table moves, 1 bedroom/2 bedroom/4 bedroom moves, garage cleanouts, large appliance deliveries and installations, storage cleanouts, storage moves, moves to storage, box moves, piano moves, condo moves, house moves, college student moves, retiring folks moves, regular household moves, and much more.

We purchased another pickup truck for smaller lightweight moves. We bought a 2000 Ford Ranger, used. It is very dependable. We’ve also rented a storage unit for items we will put up for sale.

It has been an awesome season thus far, and it is only beginning. Now that we’ve bought a moving truck we would like to look into renting a business location! That is our goal for the 2017 moving season.

This post is dedicated to all of our April and May customers! Thanks again! Thanks goes out to all of our customers for your continued support of A1 Moving.

New Items to Sell

We’ve been pretty busy over the last two weeks. We moved a safe a piano washers dryers refrigerators and also completed some moves. We did pick up a few very nice items on cleanouts. We are selling a two-stage downward filter vacuum system for sawing and other projects it allows a dust-free environment for projects. We are attempting to give away a piano of course delivery costs will apply.









A1 Keeps Moving in the Winter Too!

A1 Moving is staying busy in the winter of 2017. We have completed some small moves. We completed a small move inside of Ypsilanti Wednesday, oven and furniture deliveries this month. We moved a customer from Haslett, MI to Ann Arbor, MI. We also completed a multi-day move where we moved items to Ypsilanti, Manchester, and Ann Arbor, MI.

We have room on our calendar, so text or call to set up an appointment today!

We Haul Junk Away Too!

As a company that specializes in moving, we are well-versed in moving junk and scrap as well. In some cases we will haul scrap away for free! Typically, there is a fee for removing junk and debris away from your home or job site. Our 14 foot box truck can be used to haul away construction debris, drywall, wood, metal, aluminum, concrete, etc… We can give you a price that is in your budget as well! Our 14 foot box truck is just like a dumpster on wheels. We can haul your old stuff to the landfill, salvation army, scrap yard, new house, etc…. We like to do all your grunt work! Our truck can be used as a trash dumpster as well. Give us a call we’ll give you a FREE estimate!

Hot Tubs Fit in Here Too!

A1 Moving would like to announce that we’re still on the move! On Saturday we moved our first hot tub. It fit in our new moving truck perfectly. We employed 4 movers to complete the job. We also completed quite a few other jobs this month. Jobs included a load for Florida that involved loading up a large wood lathe and wood planer. We also moved a large amount of wood, and other odds and ends that were being moved to Florida. We moved a Saline, MI resident out of a 4 bedroom house, and cleaned out her old home for sale. We had some moves in Livonia, Novi, Detroit, and more. The new truck has been serving its purpose perfectly.

Thanks Pop-A-Lock

We appreciate you helping us out, and making a key on the spot at speedway!  Great work!  Thank you Darrin!  Your locksmith skills saved us a lot of time!

We misplaced the key for the truck when it was first purchased, and we replaced the ignition lock cylinder by ourselves so we could start it!  Now, we have the keys for the door locks as well!  Pop-A-Lock made us a door key in under 10 minutes!





Summer is Here! Time to Move!

Summer is the busiest time of month for movers like us!  We have been on the go non-stop!  Call us today to schedule your move.  We have been moving pool tables, couches, pianos, large appliances including fridges, ovens, chairs, tables, stereos, entertainment stands, dining room sets, bedroom suites, beds, mattresses, box springs, recliners, office furniture, televisions, and much more.

We have the tools to assemble and disassemble your furniture, and we are careful but efficient.  We install and hook-up ovens, refridgerators, washers, driers, and much more.  Call us today!



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