We’ve upgraded our Truck Fleet

A1 Moving has upgraded its truck fleet with an International 24 foot box truck including a lift gate.  We have already rolled the truck out on 3 moves.  It runs great!

The one-time truck fee for this truck is $120!  The smaller 14 foot box truck can be employed on moves for $60!

Labor fees of $60 per hour for 2 movers still stays the same.

We are looking forward to serving you for your moving needs!2019falladvertisementWEB

Summer 2018 Is Here!

A1 Moving is still moving; so, give us a call to schedule your move today!  We have over 4 years of experience in moving under our belt.  We move pianos, freezers, couches, safes, hot tubs, saunas, dressers, chairs, refrigerators, and much more!

We offer 1-man and 2-man teams.  We come with a 14 foot box truck, moving pads, appliance dolly, drill, straps, shrink wrap, and more tools required to complete moves.

Our current charge is $60 per hour for 2 movers.  There is also a one-time charge of $60 for the 14 foot box truck or $120 (one-time) for the 24-foot box truck including, lift gate, as well as a small gas fee that may be applied.

Many of our customers move in the $200-$350 price range (smaller moves).

Call us today for more information, thanks for visiting our page!

March is Right Around the Corner

A1 Moving is excited about launching the new spring of 2018 moving season. This year we have added more tools to use moving your furniture and household items. We’ve added a set of 8 foot ramps, a super-duty floor dolly with hand-truck sized rubber and steel wheels. Of course, we will still bring all of our other tools to the job site, including an 18-volt lithium cordless driver drill, wrenches sockets, pliers, blankets, hand-trucks, and more. Further, we are going to start the new moving season with a new base operation headquarters in Saline, MI located on S. Lewis St. We’ll also be starting the 2018 moving season out with a 2000 Ford Ranger pickup truck to use for smaller deliveries.

Over the winter, we’ve assembled and disassembled tables, chairs, beds, a pool table, and much more. We have specialized in moving heavy items including 6-person hot tubs. We’ve emptied storage units for our customers and relocated the items to their new homes. We’ve moved couches, chairs, televisions, stands, counters, kitchen cabinets, pool tables, beds, refrigerators, washers, driers, computers, Playstations, Xboxes, clothing, dresser drawers, night stands, vanities, a safe or two, shelves, and much more. We’ve delivered washers, driers, pool tables, refrigerators and more. We’ve completed approximately 20 residential moves as well during the months of January and February. We have moved customers from Ypsilanti, Saline, Ann Arbor, Milan, Adrian, Monroe, and more.

All in all, A1 has survived its fourth Winter and we are raring to go on a busier spring season.

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We provide quality moving services on a budget.  We own a 14′ box truck, and specialize in heavy item moving.  We move hot tubs, refridgerators, couches, safes, pianos, exercise equipment, and more.  Our pricing is very affordable.  We offer 2-man teams with a two hour minimum on work.  We have a current rate of $60 per hour for 2 movers or $40 per hour for 1 mover.  We offer labor only moving services or 2 mover and truck services.  When you choose the 2 mover and truck service there is a $60 truck fee for truck and travel and additional gas costs for outside of local.

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