Ended 2015 with a Boom

We ended 2015 with a large condo move.  We filled up our truck and trailer and 26 foot moving truck in about 4 hours.  We moved our customer from Walled Lake to Brighton Michigan.  It was a challenging move.  We did it all with 2 guys, a 26 foot moving truck, and a truck and trailer.  There were three flights of stairs, and the condo was packed full of furniture and goods.

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Wood piles and residential moves in November and December

We have been very busy in November and December .   This is the first chance I’ve had to make a new post .   So we have now added to our listed services woodpile cleanups .  Do you need a chainsaw, axe or handsaw?   Or do you need us to operate your skid loader ?   Or do you just need us to move your residential items including your couches refrigerators ovens washers dryers etc. ?   A1 moving and recycling will be there for you !   We’ve upgraded our pick up and turned it into a mini moving truck .   We plan to purchase a bigger moving truck as soon as possible however we can rent a bigger truck if you need it .   We can currently provide a very large sized trailer and mini size moving back up truck .   Call us up right now to set up a move date .  No move is too big or too small.


Ann Arbor Green Brier Apartments Move!

Well we just completed a third floor move on Saturday, and small appliance deliveries were scheduled as well.  We still have some nice fall weather time frames available.  We can do stairs!  In the Ann Arbor move, we moved boxes, beds, furniture & appliances down three flights of stairs, and into a ranch home in Ann Arbor.  The third floor apartment moves can take longer, so schedule us for more than two hours if you have a lot to move.  We offer 2 movers and a truck for $50 an hour!

We Are The New Heavy Item Mover Specialists

A1 Moving have recently became the new heavy item moving specialists.  Thursday we moved a heavy piano around a tight corner and down a long staircase.  Afterwards, we moved the piano up a staircase with two guys.   Yesterday we moved a baby grand piano into another room, and today we are moving a large pool table.

We have the tools, and we have the muscle to move heavy items.  We have straps, floor dollies, muscle, hand trucks, & more.



Baby Grand Move KIMG0441 KIMG0442

Thursday Tech Company Office Move in Ypsilanti

On Thursday we used an appliance dolly, floor dollies, and blankets for a big office move in Ypsilanti.  We moved some large filing cabinets, desks, shelves, chairs and more in this move.  Dan the man and Tim completed the job!  We moved the customer’s items out of storage into their new office location.  They are basing their business out of their home now!  A1 Moving and Recycling is prepared with all the tools necessary to complete a large scale office move.  We can assemble desks, furniture, beds, tables, and more!  We have our own tools.

We’ve Been All Over the Place

We are ending off September busily.  We’ve completed more piano moves, including a box grand piano and upright grand piano move.  We’ve completed a move that involved a bed and furniture assembly.  The moves this week spanned from South Lyon to Detroit.  Today we scrapped some metal picked up from a customer in South Lyon, and assisted him in a garage cleanout.

Moving anyone can afford